The St. Louis School of Photography Presents

The Picturesque Photo Challenge

Bringing you unique bi-weekly challenges to enhance your technique

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Dear Photographers,

Challenge your greatness,,,

The St. Louis School Of Photography knows the best way to learn is by doing; the best way to advance your technique is to be given a challenge. The Picturesque Photo Challenge inspires you to take some time to see the world a little differently. We provide you with an assignment to test out different composition, techniques, and camera settings. You have 14 days to point, shoot, and submit a photo (or a dozen).

Every other  week, we will upload a new challenge, rules, and tips/tutorials on our current challenge page in order to get you ready.


To apply:

  1. Visit the current challenge page to review the assignment

  2. Complete the submission form

    1. Sign up or log in
    2. ​Fill out your name and contact information​
    3. upload a photo 
    4. Pay the $2.00 submission fee

  3. Wait for the results!
  4. ​Review challenges on the past challenges page ​
    1. Join our photo challenge Facebook page to discuss challenge entries​


Challenges will begin on Sunday at 12:00 p.m. and you will have two weeks to submit a photo. Winners will be selected by  the St. Louis School of Photography staff.  


Imperfection is OK! This challenge is designed for you to try something new. Submissions are shared with your photo community on our website's challenge submissions page for photographers to receive and give feedback. In addition, St. Louis School of Photography Instructors will produce a challenge review video to discuss best techniques used during the challenge.



Check out this week's Picturesque Photo Challenge to check out what technique we will be utilizing.


Spend some time during the week to look at the world a little differently. Take a photo that aligns with this weeks photo challenge.


Enter your photo on the current challenge page for the chance to win prizes!


Learn from the weekly review videos about best practices used during the past weeks challenge.